Monday, May 12, 2014

Just in Time...UV Nails Deals on Hautelook

How strange is this?  Just after posting my first review of my UV-Nails gel polish in "Green Diva" that I bought on Hautelook,  UV-Nails is back on Hautelook again from now until Thursday 5/15 .  The gel polishes are $10.00 each plus $5.95 flat rate shipping, but for that price you get a full size 15mL bottle of gel polish and a HUGE variety of colors to choose from. 

If you're curious about the brand or some color swatches, here's my post where I hauled three colors from Hautelook's last sale originally: "Green Diva"  "Lady Lavender" and "Show Stopper".

I'm actually still wearing "Green Diva" on my nails right now, and just posted my initial review on UV-Nails gel so far in the post just before this one.

I haven't seen many people post swatches of UV-Nails yet, so I hope some more people take up this offer--and most importantly, share with the internet! :)

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