Friday, April 25, 2014

"UV Nails" Gel Polish Haul from Hautelook!

Today I have another new brand to show off!  To be fair, it's just a small haul, but I will be wearing one of these colors soon to test out the application and wear. 

The brand is "UV Nails".  Now, I've seen this brand offer deals for starter kits on LivingSocial and/or Groupon before--but like most brands, their gel polishes alone can be a little expensive, so I held off on buying from their website directly.  Luckily, they were offered up for sale on Hautelook a little while ago, so I jumped at the chance to try them out!

While I was researching before buying, I found two slightly confusing things with this brand:

One was the swatches--little circles of color online are always hard to gauge how a polish will actually look in person, and I felt like the swatches offered up on Hautelook were not always consistent with colors I saw on the UV Nails website or spots where UV Nails was sold elsewhere online.  I ended up getting to creme gel polishes and one creme "jelly" gel polish (which means that it is slightly translucent at first)--but I wasn't sure if I was going to get a color with shimmer in it, based on the unreliable swatches!

Two was the curing method--the name is called simply  "UV Nails", after all. Hautelook was selling UV and LED lights for this brand during their sale, so I was pretty sure they might cure under both types of lighting...but the terms on their website are a little confusing. "UV" is the most favored word by this brand, and "UV" is NOT the same as "LED".  I've tried to explain this a while ago, but basically: LED light uses shorter wavelengths to cure gel polish, whereas UV uses a broader range of waves.  So UV light should cure every gel that LED would cure, but LED might not cure every gel that UV can cure, since UV covers a broader spectrum.  Because of this, if a gel polish is advertised as simply "UV gel polish", that's usually a good indication (with salon brands) that it is UV ONLY--eg Shellac and Axxium. Luckily, however, that doesn't seem to be the case with this brand--and I tested it out!

Ok, enough rambling; you can see my swatches and experimentation in the video below:

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