Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Gelaze Initial Review and DUPES?!

A few weeks ago,  I purchased some of China Glaze's new line of gel polishes, "Gelaze".  Even though it wasn't quite spring yet, I was being optimistic and picked up two spring-worthy pastel shades, "Refresh-mint" and "For Audrey".  Knowing how iconic some of China Glaze's regular polish colors are, I decided to try to see if I had any similar colors in my collection...and what do you know, I found a few!

I had to re-record this video on a different camera, so initially, I planned on it being a bit shorter.  But since I had my nails painted with "For Audrey" for 8 days by the time I recorded this video again, I decided to add on a short review in the last two minutes.

I will most definitely have pictures and a better review up soon, though! 

In short, here's the dupe list:

Gelaze "For Audrey" is almost identical to "Sea Cloud Cruise" from Red Carpet Manicure (which is just a teeensy bit lighter), and "Cool Blue Harmony" from FingerPaints Gel Polish.  It's possibly also close to Gelish's "My One Blue Love", which I haven't been able to find in order to compare!

Gelaze "Refresh-Mint" doesn't have an exact dupe that I've found, but it's close to the classic Gelish "Seafoam" (which is just a bit darker and bluer), so if green isn't your thing, you probably don't need to pick it up.  It's possibly also close to FingerPaints "Paint Me Oh-So-Modern!", based on comparisons between that shade and Gelish "Seafoam" that I've found online, but once again I have not been able to compare the two in person.

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