Friday, April 18, 2014

Bored? Need Some Last Minute Inspiration?

This should be a quick post hopefully, so you can get to oogling at all the pretty pictures.

I've seen "The Sparkle Queen" post amazing link/picture exchanges before, but for some reason I kept losing the site until just this week.

Well, I found it just in time, because there's an amazing spring & Easter roundup of pictures at the moment!  Even if you're a major newb at nail art like me, the things these artists create are pretty inspirational. You can add your link in, too, because even the simplest of ideas may be something  new and wow-ing to someone else.

I know I focus on gel nail polish, but a lot of these things would be just as easy to do with gel or a "sandwich" manicure with regular nail polish under your gel. 

Ok, that's it.  Have fun browsing!

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