Tuesday, April 1, 2014

FingerPaints Gels - "Flakies" from the Kaleidoscope collection

I guess you could call this post "the battle of the mylar/'flakie' gel polishes--round two"I reviewed the similar "flakie" style gels from Gelish and Red Carpet Manicure before, but apparently I saved the best for last.  I found these ones from FingerPaints in Sally Beauty while I was still wearing that manicure...but of course I couldn't wait long before wearing more "flakie" gel polishes!

I've got lots of pictures to share, but since I wore three different flaky glitters at once, I used this first picture to serve as a guide for what-color-went-where:

This picture was in indoor, multi-source lighting, by the way.

These second two pictures are in kind of grey-sky-ish natural light:

Then there's an indoor-with-flash shot--I only took a picture of one hand here, because I feel like flash tends to drown out iridescent glitter or make it look blurry.  And it does a bit, but these glitters are so awesome they still find a way to stand out, too!

Then there's two in VERY bright sunlight:

And finally, one in regular sunny light:

See how awesome they all are no matter what the lighting?  I didn't want to stop taking pictures!  And yes, I only used one coat for all of these!

Ok, let's get to the reviews, then:

FingerPaints "Solar Flare" (on my pointer fingers and pinkie fingers) is what Gelish "Rough Around the Edges" wishes it could be.  Really.  There's a ton of big and small chunks of clean-cut, warm-toned, clear iridescent mylar flakes in the clear base.  The range of colors in this is pretty outstanding, too.  While the reflective sheen is mostly warm-toned colors (red, yellow, orange), there is definitely quite a bit of green reflects and even a bit of teal to be seen, too--especially when not in direct light.

FingerPaints "Midnight Flash" (on my ring fingers) is the cool-toned companion to "Lunar Flare".  This gel has the same variation of large and small clean-cut, clear iridescent mylar flakes in a clear base, with the iridescence in these shining mostly cool-toned  (green, teal, royal blue--with some hints of indigo).  Every so often I caught a glimpse of a more warm-toned yellow, but iridescent variation outside of the cool-toned range was more rare with this gel. This would probably pop best contrasted with a lighter and warmer base color, which unfortunately I was not wearing this time. 

Lastly, Fingerpaints "Lunar Flare" (on my middle fingers) has the best of both worlds.  Inside the clear gel base, there's a mix of each of the styles of  clear iridescent flakes mentioned above--the warm-toned red-orange-yellow-green-teal variation, and the cool-toned green-teal-blue-indigo variation.  So no matter what your lighting is or what base color you pair this with, it will pretty much always look like a confetti party on your nails.

For all three shades, application was fairly easy--and once again I used only ONE coat for all of them!  I did notice that because the glitter is so dense, the gel formula is a little thicker--but that was helpful when trying to flatten or "place" some mylar flakes.  Like all of these irregular mylar flake gel polishes, some of these glitters are rather large and irregular, so sometimes the glitter will stick up off of the nail bed--but that's nothing you can't fix before you cure with a brush, or after you cure with a file or an extra coat of top coat.  I noticed that the glitters seemed to settle in the bottle fairly easily if I waited to long between painting hands, but they also mixed up just as easily, too!

Since these gels are in a clear base, I layered them on top of OPI Gelcolor "Nein! Nein! Nein! Ok Fine!", which I reviewed in the previous post. 

Oh, and once more I made a video, so you can hopefully see these irregular iridescent mylar flakes the way they look best: with movement!

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