Friday, May 9, 2014

UV-Nails "Green Diva"

A little while back I did a hautelook haul with some UV-Nails gel polishes.  I finally decided to take a break from the usual spring/summer shades and put on one of the gorgeous greens I bought on my nails!  I kind of feel like this is Fall 2013 all over again--with the emerald green overdosage--but I'm pretty ok with that.

Flash photo included for completeness..but it's not the most accurate!

My pointer nail is glowing thanks to the jelly polish and the reflection of light from my bottle.

This is "Green Diva" by UV-Nails.  It is an extremely jelly-like blue toned forest green creme.  What I mean by "jelly-like" is that it looks a bit like jello on the nail--you can see the light through it, like in my last photo (which I included just show that fact!), and you can definitely see visible nail line in many different types lighting, like in the subdued sunlight of my second photo.  I used four coats because, as in the past, I don't always care for jelly shades and was hoping to build the polish up to be opaque.  Sadly, this didn't happen, so I'm a little disappointed in this shade even though it's such a gorgeous color. 

As for the color, though: if you've seen my blog before, you might notice that I wore a pretty similar shade two months ago--Gellaka "New York, NY".  But color-wise, UV-Nails "Green Diva" is a bit darker and bluer than the Gellaka shade.  The first and second photos show it truest to life, here--although it can look a tad bit yellower or darker depending on the lighting.  While I was taking photos, I noticed that due to its jelly-ness, "Green Diva" tended to soak up the lighting and use it to transform the green color just a little bit--hence why the reflection is just so blue in the photos by my window, but the whole gel polish tends to look much more yellow with flash inside.  And I think I just described my polish as a sentient being...I should move on now...

Ok, as for the formula: I  found UV-Nails "Green Dive" to be a bit thinner while applying, but not after it was cured.  So the edges of my nails look a little sloppy in some parts--and I definitely had some flooding into the cuticles while I was adjusting my application to the gel--but after curing, I still feel like I have the usual security and strength that the thickness of gel gives my nails.  While the shade was very transparent, the coverage was mostly even, with just a teensy amount of streakiness until I built up the color on my nail--2 or 3 coats would do, but again, I was striving vainly for opacity.  I did notice a little bit of shrinking from the edges of my nails, but that is common with a lot of darker shades, and this problem has only caused a little excess tip wear so far--but not to the point of chipping, mind you!

I'm going to do a bit of a more in depth review on my UV-Nails experience so far, hopefully within the next few days!


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    1. You're going to make me blush! We've finally been having some great weather, maybe it's just the trick of the sunlight and the humidity helping out my hands. :)

      I do love this color, though--greens are some of my favorite for nails.